120 Grange Roxy Pacific Holdings Orchard Road

Under the development of Roxy Pacific Holdings, this lifetime property project is located adjacent to Orchard Road and within the Orchard Shopping district, and covers an approximate area of 15,780 square feet, and a floor area of 33,183 square feet. It is surrounded by several shopping centers, including Ion Orchard, Tanglin Mall, and Wheelock Place. It is also an area full of facilities and amenities, such as international schools or Orchard Boulevard MRT station which guarantees access from other parts of the city.

Roxy Pacific Holdings 120 Grange Condo

For more details on how to start enjoying all these advantages, you can consult on the site plan and floor plans. 120 Grange is located in the commercial heart of the Orchard district. It is an area that stands out for having renowned shopping centers such as Tanglin Mall and Ion Orchard. Both have a range of F & B business and retailer options for development owners. Some of the facilities that counts are the following:
· Nearest bus station: Orchard Boulevard MRT Station.
· Shopping centers near the area: Tanglin Mall, Forum Shopping Mall, and Shaw House
· Nearby international schools:
· Within walking distance of Singapore Botanic Garden, Singapore istana and 120 Grange Road residential area

120 Grange Road Singapore Roxy Homes

The site plan includes a wide range of options that ensure that this area stands out as one of the most luxurious in the commercial district of 120 Grange Orchard Road. Such as facilities equipped with swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts, playgrounds and barbecue area. All thinking about the well-being and comfort of its owners. The development is also close to Orchard Boulevard MRT Station as well as other parts of Orchard Road. The development is located right in the heart of Orchard by Roxy Homes.

It is also endowed with a view of the exclusive area of the luxury of the Central Business district. For more details on how to start enjoying all these advantages, you can consult on the floor plans and project details.

120 Grange Freehold Condo Orchard Boulevard MRT Station

For every need and family adaptability, a wide range of plans are available for consultation and have an idea what type of project is going to be acquired. Anyway, it is warned in advance that they are subject to changes by the developer.

However, in the event of any doubt, query or suggestion regarding the availability of such plans, an on-demand copy of the plans may be available to better explore all the options available to the plans. Please read the disclaimer for all drawings belonging to the 120 Grange Road Orchard Boulevard MRT Station.

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